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All classes are conducted in the Prospect Playhouse classroom - upstairs - classes are private to tutor and students. Parents or guardians must drop-off the students and either return for them at the end of the allotted class or wait in their cars. It is not possible to allow unsupervised access to any other part of the theatre. You are welcome to sit at our picnic tables outside. We ask that all students come in appropriate clothing and footwear for moving around in, and that they bring a bottle for water (we have a cooler, sponsored by H20nly, so that they can refill at any time).

Our full terms and conditions can be found here.


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TERM 3 (12 weeks): Tue 7th Jan-Thu 2nd April
Off for Midterm 24-28th Feb
This is our annual "Skill's term" where we ask our classes what skills/playwrights/topic/theorists they would like to work on, and tailor each class to this so that we learn new skill's each week!

TERM 4 (10 weeks for Tue/Wed and 8 weeks for Thu): Tue 21st April – Wed 24th June 2020
 These classes will now take place ONLINE. Please see current timetable below:

We have changed our format slightly, due to the current climate. Class time changes are in red (the interactive classes are a shorter class than usual due to them being fully interactive throughout rather than turn-taking.) 

Tuesdays for ages 10-12 4-5.30pm ONLINE SPEECH AND DRAMA – these online classes will be interactive and will focus on speech and drama, which opens us up from acting scripts to also bringing to life poetry, novels, and other literature.

Wednesday for ages 13-16 5-6.30pm ONLINE ACTING AND WRITING
                                                Adults 7-9pm ONLINE ACTING AND WRITING
These online classes will open up to performance AND writing with resulting video projects/short films as a potential outcome. They will be tailored to the groups but let us also tap into the other side of creativity.

Thursday for ages 5-6 3.30-4pm STORYTIME
for ages 7-9 4.15-5pm STORYTIME
These online classes will be interactive storytelling. If you have more than one child, you can just book one place and include as many family members as you like (in other words it will be per screen due to the nature of this class). These will require an adult participating if the family is all younger members.

*For all classes you will need to join us via a GoToMeeting link we will send, and have the ability to use laptop/computer, mic/speakers and internet.*

Please note that the below classes will only run if we meet our minimum numbers, and when we reach our maximum we will start a waiting list.

Our fees are pro-rated for the length of term but work out at approx. 10/week for age 5-6, 15/week for ages 7-9 and 10-12, 18/week for ages 13-15 and 20/week for adults classes.

***PREVIOUS TIMETABLE (we hope to return to this when it is safe to do so)***

Acting – Junior group: 10-12 yrs 4.00-5.30pm
**This class moves into exploration of character, improvisation and devising their own pieces. This is a key age for development and therefore we place a strong focus on the creative process and everyone getting to input ideas with whatever we work on.**

Acting – Adult Beginners : 6.30-8.30pm (RUN ANNUALLY, 2020 6 week course 19th May-23rd June)
**This course is for absolute beginners, or those who need to refresh their skills and ease back in gently. Each week is a different topic; to build up your transferable acting skills in a safe, and nurturing environment.**

Acting -  Stage group: 13-16 yrs 5.00-6.30pm
**By this age all the core skills from the other age groups will be covered, along with script work and the option to try directing other scenes with guidance. On occasion, this class will choose their own pieces and this can include both classical and modern texts.**

Adult Actors Training: 7-9pm
**This class is for all levels of experience. It will be tailored to the groups needs but will likely include in depth scene studies, character work and improvisation/devising skills along with acting theory and techniques. There will be the option of selecting your own pieces at points, if the group chooses this.**

Acting – Mini group: 5-6 yrs 3.25-4.25pm
**This class has the focus on play and storytelling. Children will largely do teacher-in-role exercises and learn to work as part of a group, as well as individuals. They will be asked to explore their imagination with an aim to develop confidence alongside skills. This can eventually lead to the creation of their own work and some small performances.**

Acting – Junior group: 7-9 yrs 4.30-6pm
**This class moves into exploration of character, improvisation and devising their own pieces. This is a key age for development and therefore we place a strong focus on the creative process and everyone getting to input ideas with whatever we work on. It works with a slightly smaller group, and younger content than our 10-12s class whilst building on the same skill set.**


"All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players”.

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