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Cayman Drama Society

Cayman Drama Society

Staging Productions

The Cayman Drama Society welcomes Directors and Producers to the Prospect Playhouse!  If you are interested in staging a performance there are certain criteria that you must follow.  

First you will need to make an application to the Productions Committee for the show.  They will need to know who your production team is, your preferred dates and extent of set design among other things.  You will also need to prepare a budget for approval by the Productions Committee.  Don't worry!  We have resources to not only guide you, but also to assist.

Below you will find helpful documents and links.  We encourage you to read the Production Guide before applying to stage a performance.  Many questions you have may be answered within the guide. Any further questions can be directed to

Production application form

Appendix 1 (Marketing information and Contacts)

Production guide (Lite)

Production guide (2018 Full Version)

Production budget template

Playbill template

Drama and Theatre Resource Guide

Tips for new Directors

Production 101: The Basics

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