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Cayman Drama Society

Cayman Drama Society

The Prospect Playhouse was constructed in 1990 and was served serious damage during the 2004 Hurricane Ivan. Enhancements were made at that time and in 2016 major renovations were made in the auditorium. The Playhouse is used to stage CDS productions as well as being donated for performances for the community, such as the annual NCVO Telethon.  It is also available for rental when not in use by the Society. The playhouse is a two story construction. The CDS office as well as the training space is on the second floor. It also contains the lighting booth, a player's bar,  male and female dressing rooms, restrooms, and a costume room. Stairs lead to the foyer and also to the stage door on the ground floor.

The ground floor contains the box office, foyer, public bar, kitchen, restrooms, sound booth, auditorium, storage, green room and stage. Useable stage area is about 30' x 30'.  SR wings are about 20' and SL wings which also host the SM desk are about 15'. Roof height over the stage has been increased to 30' allowing set elements as well as actors to be flown.

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  • Training space
  • Training space
  • Sound booth
  • Lighting booth
  • Green Room
  • Dressing room
  • Auditorium looking from stage
  • Auditorium from lighting booth
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