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Cayman Drama Society

Cayman Drama Society

Our Patrons and Friends

Honorary Patron:  Elisabeth Roper

Thank you to all of those persons and organisations who recognise the role that CDS plays in bringing quality live entertainment to the Cayman Islands. A theatre is an expensive enterprise to run and the Cayman Islands can be proud that it has a fine amateur facility - The Prospect Playhouse.

Individual Patrons

Corporate Patrons



Evelyn and Jack Andresen

Butterfield Bank (Cayman) Ltd.

Peter and Penny Phillips

Dart Foundation

Peter and Anne Pasold

Explore Cayman


Hurley's Media


Ministry of Health and Culture


Our Secret Agency


Phoenix Construction



In Memory of Marion Auld

Cayman National Bank

Joanne and Colin Wilson

Jacques Scott

Michael Parton

Wheaton Precious Metals Corp




Caribbean Utilities Company


Cayman News Service


CentrePointe Dance Studio


Megasol Technologies KB


Musicians Limited

Joyce Cantlay

Off The Wall Divers

Premier Wines


Ropers Janitorial


XQs Restaurant and Lounge

Friends of the Theatre

Androgroup Ltd.

Fosters Food Fair

GT Crafts


Island Electronics Group

Phillips Electrical Ltd.

Visual Arts Society

WigglyPen Creative Services

" Ah! let not Censure term our fate our choice, The stage but echoes back the public's voice; The drama's laws the drama's patrons give, For we that live to please must please to live. " (Samuel Johnson)

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