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Cayman Drama Society

Cayman Drama Society

There are a number of committees who all contribute to the success of the CDS. The administration and training events are  handled by the Managing Committee which is made up of the Chairman, the Theatre Manager, the Treasurer and the Secretary. The premises are managed by the Theatre Management Committee.

Theatre Management Committee

Paul de Freitas:

Theatre Manager

James Gibb:


Duncan Kilpatrick:


Bill Mervyn:


The Theatre Management Committee comprises volunteers who look after the Prospect Playhouse site including development, maintenance and security. The committee can request volunteer labour from the membership to carry out its duties responsibly and effectively.

The Cayman Drama Society is a not-for-profit organisation and has no full-time salaried staff. All work within the Playhouse or its gardens is performed either by a contractor, normally based on a bidding process, or by volunteer labour.

Commendations and constructive criticism are always welcome.

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