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Theatre skills for life for Juniors

Mini Group (5-6 year olds): Thursdays 3.25-4.25pm

This class has the focus on play and storytelling. Children will largely do teacher-in-role exercises and learn to work as part of a group, as well as individuals. They will be asked to explore their imagination with an aim to develop confidence alongside skills. This can eventually lead to the creation of their own work and some small performances.

Junior Group (7-9 year olds): Mondays 4-5.30pm or Thursdays 4.30-6pm
(10-12 year olds)
 Tuesday 4-5.30pm

This class moves into exploration of character, improvisation and devising their own pieces. This is a key age for development and therefore we place a strong focus on the creative process and everyone getting to input ideas with whatever we work on. The age group is divided into two, with the difference being that the younger group has a smaller class and younger content to ensure more focused learning over this age range.

Stage Group (13-17 year olds): Wednesday 5.00-6.30pm

By this age all the core skills from the other age groups will be covered, along with script work and the option to try directing other scenes with guidance. On occasion, this class will choose their own pieces and this can include both classical and modern texts. For those 16-18 year olds out of full-time education, please feel free to contact us about joining the adults class instead if it seems a better fit*

School and Community Offerings:

We have educational offerings for schools in Grand Cayman who wish to supplement their course content with interactive workshops. These are offered to Drama and English departments, and can be tailored to the class context and texts being studied. In the past this has included Shakespeare workshops with Triple C School on Julius Caesar and Romeo and Juliet, cyberbullying workshops with Cayman Prep and High School, workshops with Cliffton Hunter High School including acting as a practice exam invigilator for drama exam performances, Macbeth workshops with Grace Christian Academy and many in-house workshops. We have also worked with some of the English classes on performing the plays they are studying so enhance their understanding of the text.

In addition, we run theatre tours and have previously hosted John Gray High School, the home school groups, Cayman Prep and High School, Cliffton Hunter High School, nursery groups and more...

Our community offerings have included an open theatre day for anyone to come and learn about the theatre and take a backstage tour, workshops for the young mother's group at the Family Resource Centre, our Fairytale Shorts programme where we create short performances for youths and kids go free! 

If there is something you would like to see the Playhouse offer, in terms of education, email us a to make a suggestion!



Child Protection: We are committed to protecting all children that come through our doors and have a child protection policy in place to ensure that children can explore and enjoy their creativity in a safe, supportive and encouraging environment. To read our policy please click here.

The Tutor:

Kirsty has been acting from before she was even ten, performing both on stage and screen. She studied Acting and then Musical Theatre at Edinburgh’s Telford college gaining a Higher National Certificate in each. Kirsty then went on to study Drama and Performance and started teaching drama alongside her studies. She has since taught for the Edinburgh Acting School, Scottish Youth Theatre, Stagecoach Performing Arts, Brunton Youth Theatre, East Lothian Youth Theatre and many more teaching both adults and children in the UK and abroad. Kirsty also directs and writes alongside teaching and continues to keep her passion for the art very much alive. From 2018-2020 Kirsty studied alongside working at the Playhouse, and now has her Masters in Shakespeare and Education.

She believes in using drama as a way of gaining confidence, communication skills and, of course, nourishing natural talent. She continues to act alongside teaching so that she is constantly learning more about the art to pass on to students and has performed with several theatre companies in Edinburgh and beyond. Having taken over the Edinburgh Acting School in 2011 she had the opportunity to create classes tailored to the individual’s needs, and still runs this school from Cayman. In 2015 she took the winter off teaching to play Cinderella in the Brunton Theatre’s famous pantomime for six weeks, now she is the education officer for the Cayman Drama Society and is excited about all she can bring to the island and what can be achieved here. 

"All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players”

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