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Cayman Drama Society

Cayman Drama Society

Theatre skills for business life


For businesses operating in the Cayman Islands

The Cayman Drama Society has been providing entertainment through high quality productions in Grand Cayman since 1970. In 2016 a Training department was developed to teach acting skills to children and adults that can be used both on stage and in everyday life. These skills are particularly useful to professionals as they transfer over to the world of business easily and can be very beneficial in a corporate setting.

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The Cayman Drama Society is pleased to offer several options to businesses that will benefit their staff. We can offer team-building workshops, public speaking seminars and one-on-one tuition for presentation skills. Our resident tutor, Kirsty O’Sullivan, has worked as a performer and acting coach since 2005 and has a specialism for taking non-performers and giving them the skills they need to overcome performance/presentation nerves. She has hosted workshops in the UK and Italy, and has providing lectures for such establishments as Edinburgh University both for staff and students alike. Kirsty also used to work as a tour guide so is very used public speaking herself.

Team Building Workshops

Whether you have new intakes or just need a fun social event, we provide fun and creative team building workshops that serve as excellent ice-breakers. These can be tailored for any purpose be it to motivate, build better communication, promote creativity or simply have some fun. Team building is an important investment for every company to make.

Public Speaking Seminars

Even the most competent employees can get a knot in their stomach at the thought of presenting something at work or talking in front of others. Public speaking is a skill that comes to few people naturally, therefore workshops are sometimes necessary to polish existing skills and create confidence for your staff. We offer sessions on speaking with confidence and clarity, including how to deal with nerves and other tips on emphasizing your key points and engaging your audience.

Tailor Made Workshops

We can do anything from assertiveness training to a team-building workshop - just get in touch and see what we can do for you.

One-on-One sessions

If you have individual employees who need specific help for public speaking then sometimes a couple of private sessions are all it takes to iron out any difficulties they may be having. It may be that they have their first big presentation coming up, or simply that they need the confidence and ability to get their points across at meetings. Whatever the problem, we can help. These sessions focus on a specific upcoming event or task and rehearse for it whilst teaching key transferable skills for any future situations of a similar nature.

  • Any materials used in these sessions are kept strictly confidential as we are aware there may be sensitive information in some presentations.
  • All of the above are tailored to group size, time allocation and specific needs so please get in touch to ask for a quote.

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"All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players”

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