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Cayman Drama Society

Cayman Drama Society

+1 (345) 938-1998

The Cayman Drama Society (CDS) is a vibrant community theatre, committed to providing quality live theatre to educate, enrich and entertain while also providing lifelong learning opportunities and fostering creative expression. CDS is always looking for enthusiastic thespians, directors, producers, stage managers,lighting and sound technicians and new friends. Our website lists past, current and upcoming productions. Productions are produced at The Prospect Playhouse, a 130 seat theatre with modern lighting and sound equipment and features the Curtain Call Bar where volunteers will greet you with themed beverages at each show.  CDS also offers training classes for corporates, private, adult classes and children classes. Each year volunteers form cast and crew to offer up between four and six shows per year, normally including at least one musical theatre show and their annual Playhouse Family Christmas. Varying levels of membership and lots of volunteer opportunities. Subscribe to our newsletter, sign up for membership or contact us for more information here.

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